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My mural - _New Beginnings_

Esco Alley Art - Mural Project 

After having dealt with a long history of depression (I call it functioning depression as I was still able to function on a daily basis as if nothing was wrong), as well suicidal thoughts I knew I had to make a change.  I could no longer continue on this path and think I was going to survive.  Therefore, after many therapy sessions, self-reflection, embracing my faith, opening up to family and great friends, I am finding my way out of the dark. 

During this process I have finally realized I am worth it, worth living, I am enough and that all the negativity that I convinced myself of, were lies.  I could finally allow myself to feel joy and be happy regardless of the adversities or challenges.  I was no longer going to allow myself or anyone else to define me by my failures, mistakes or my past.  Just like the Phoenix, I was going to rise from the ashes and live again. 

When the opportunity to participate in the Esco Alley Art project presented itself I initially wanted to create something that represented the City of Escondido; however, something was pulling me in another direction.  I wanted to create something that would inspire, empower, and encourage.  As such, I decided to be true to myself and my style of art.  Inspired by my own rising from the ashes, I wanted the mural help encourage and inspire others.  It is my hope that “New Beginnings” will convey that message and be source of encouragement.

There will still be dark days, adversity, and failures, but remember the smallest light within you will light up the darkest room. 

“My life will no longer be defined by my past mistakes, adversity or challenges.  Rather, I will embrace each new day as an opportunity to achieve greatness, self-worth and new beginnings” - Lisa Marquez

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