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For nearly three decades I have been working in the legal industry, and have spent many years volunteering in search and rescue and other non-profits.  With a Bachelor's in Business and a Master's in Public Administration, its's safe to say I never focused on my creative side.  However, I have always felt that I had a message to share.  Encouraging others to rise up, pursue their dreams and to never give up, no matter the challenges life throws at you.  Just keep moving forward is something that I stand by.


Having a mother who has been an artist all my life, she was always encouraging  me to  paint  and try many different artistic styles.  No  matter how hard she tried, I was just not "into it".  However, I've always appreciated art and loved having it in my home. 


Fast forward to 2020.  We all know what came with that.  Our lives were turned upside down.  Like many others, I found myself faced with countless challenges.  Already contending with a history of depression and anxiety, I knew I had to find a way to relax and find some peace in all the chaos.  One day, I woke up and thought, "I think I want to paint".  My mother was overjoyed, and thought it's about time. LOL.  From that point forward, she pointed me in the right direction and I was on a hunt to try and find my style.  Once I was introduced to "Intuitive Painting", I was hooked.  I thought...can I share my message through my art?  Is it possible to empower and encourage this way?  Well, I am going to try.  

Since I have started on this journey, it has given me a unique way to not only express myself, but to release the stress, and find continued peace.  I can't thank everyone enough, especially my children, family and friends for all the support and encouragement.

             Lisa Marquez 



I paint with acrylics on large canvases. These are a couple of the first paintings I did  (a lot layering and changes happen during the creative process).


My mother encouraged me to paint at an early age.  She asked me to do a painting for her when I was 6 years old. To please her, I reluctantly painted this bear. It was my first and last painting for 46 years. Now I'm making up for lost time and I'm loving it!


Leaf Pattern Design

Toby O. 

I absolutely love Lisa's creative soul! Her heart is so full of love it comes out into her paintings...." 

"I have one custom art piece and fell in love with her and her process. Over the years  I now own two of her creations,... they speak to me and my eyes open to every brush stroke and intention. So blessed by her gifts . 

Leaf Pattern Design

Devin B.

"Truth: I have a tear in my eye.
You have captured the message, intention, and the happiness that the school and Jen stands for and believe strongly in these 3 works. The color, the shapes, and the words. I am 1000% confident that Jen will love it. In all the years I have known her..." 

"I try to go big for her birthday....I was running out of ideas over time. This gift will be the best birthday present I have ever given her." 

"she absolutely loved them. She took them to her classroom and showed them off to her fellow teachers."

What People Are Saying
Commission the Artist

Commission the Artist

I love the creative process of not staying within the lines and allowing my imagination to be open to the possibilities.  This is why I love the collaborative process of commissioned work.  To be able to create a unique piece that reflects my style and the clients' ideas... imagine the possibilities.  It is truly an honor to work on commissioned pieces.

If you have something big or small you are interested in collaborating on, please contact me below. 

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