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  • Lisa Marquez


For the past couple of months I have been working nearly non-stop to prepare for my upcoming solo art show at Helia Brewing Co. Then two days later I will be participating in the Escondido Street Festival (where I will be selling not just my paintings, but other items as well). I'm not going to lie and say that preparation for these two events has been easy, because it hasn't. Self doubt and fear of what others may think of my art have been real concerns. As you know, this is a new journey for me, one that I have been on for less than two years. BUT, after taking a closer look at myself and remembering why I started painting in the first place...I paint for me. Every painting is a reflection of me, who I am and the message I want to convey. It is my hope that my paintings will convey encouragement and uplift those who see them. I am beyond humbled and grateful for those that have encouraged, supported and who have enjoyed my work. All of you inspire me to continue.

I hope you are able to attend one or both events, so that I can thank you in person.

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